Los Angeles Weekend Recap

In west on 04/26/2012 at 11:00 am

Saw an insane amount of people in 2 full days. Before I surprised my father at dinner in Malibu, he apparently told my family “I’m glad Michelle’s not here because she really would have run up this bill” – then I walked in (and ordered oysters and king crab legs). Apart from family, I flew to LA to surprise Tatiana – my childhood best friend – at her baby shower. This is my first Auntie experience and I can’t wait.

Additional food highlights:

  • In-N-Out the moment I landed
  • Adventurous dinner at Animal where Rich, Julia, and I tried: bone marrow, pigs ears, octopus, quail, and shrimp and rabbit sausage

Almost missed both flights, coming and going, and arrived home in NYC at 5:15am Monday morning and went to work.

Have I mentioned that I love LA?


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