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on Becoming

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from the velveteen rabbit



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break the soul ties

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relieved and accomplished,


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please destroy me

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Now I take everything as a good sign because Im in love. I take everything as a sign from God- beautiful words from a beautiful man.


I don’t do drugs I am drugs –Dali

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Morteza Momayez (1936-2005) was a Tehran-based graphic designer of posters, covers, logos, and books.  He was the most honored of a large number of exceptionally talented Iranian designers and typographers.  We in the U.S. are sometimes myopic when it comes to non-western design.  International design is equally — if not more — important than what’s done in the US.   We have to learn to open our eyes.



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History, which is by definition retrospective, cannot resist the temptation to unify by placing things in perspective, elaborating a construct from a unified viewpoint. The teleological vision of history as an unbroken succession of inventions is a delusion- N. Charlet

ps/ Happy Birthday D!


once upon a time,

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i went to college and got randomly placed with a roommate.  six years later, she still takes up gigantic portions of my heart.  the escapades the two of us have been on together/ a lifetime of memories. we once had a mouse named molly live with us in our haunted dorm room.  we almost got killed in the Bronx.  we’ve road-tripped from the dirty south all through the west, laughing the entire way. she is the funniest person i know. i could go on and on, but most significantly: life would not be good without her. i would not be good without her.

to you, Deneice, happy birthday.