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Peru/ Population: 115


things i have learned in my life so far

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Alfajores are a staple of deliciousness in Argentina and South America.  This was my first time making these. Three hours later, I’m covered in flour, my kitchen is a wreck, I smell like dulce de leche and lemon zest, but man, look at these puppies!  It’s the publisher’s birthday tomorrow at work, I hope she enjoys!


i always saw better when my eyes were closed

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This Is A Story

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the voyage

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HOME, the spot of earth supremely blest

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a dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.

55 days and 7 countries later, my sister is finally returning home.


on unpacking

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i found it

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This is a photographic plate print on commercial silver paper of Mont Blanc as seen from another mountain peak in the Swiss Alps. I choose to “obscure” the mountain (and the big red arrow pointing to it) by placing two spheres directly where it should be, alluding to the scenic viewers one finds when in a public place with large vistas. I remember going to the exact spot when I was eight and being struck with how one could not focus on the entire landscape directly, or even on Mont Blanc. It became obscured within the mass of mountains, and when I used the viewer it became even more displacing, because now I was aware of my body interacting with this odd machine. The silver foil has a similar effect. The photograph is detailed enough to invite the viewer closer, but when they do approach the print, their reflection becomes more and more apparent, especially within the two circles. It begins to function as a sort of hazy mirror, uncomfortably moving in between outward perception and inner contemplation.



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GOODBYE D.C. That’s a wrap.