In west on 01/25/2012 at 3:18 pm

Yesterday, I interviewed at a creative agency in DUMBO. One of the owners e-mailed earlier today. After 12 years of living here, he wanted to share his story with someone who is unaccustomed to the lifestyle here.  He offered what comes from time: perspective.

“…The seasons and the harshness of the winter means one thing: If you’re willing to get up, get out, and make it happen here… you are driven, and the chaff will definitely separate from the wheat.  The first year in NYC is tough. It’s a fight. It either makes people go back from whence they came, or persevere and learn to be a more resilient version of the person they were when they first arrived. The goal is not to let NYC change who you are, but to learn who you are no matter what happens.

Just thought you should know – NYC has room for you and who you are.”
  1. Whelp, ladies and gentleman. I believe she has what it takes. Beautiful words on NYC.

  2. man that’s awesome.

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