go, go, go

In west on 01/18/2012 at 9:40 pm

Hasn’t been a week since getting here and I’ve managed to already get sick. Alongside illness, I’ve also interviewed at MILKMADE (part of Milk Studios) and been called back by undisclosed marketing agency for a second interview (the first was in LA and on the phone). We will see if one of those work out! Both would be awesome in their own ways (agency has global offices with headquarters in Amsterdam and London and I would potentially work on either the Johnson&Johnson or Coca Cola accounts; MILK would have me cover Fashion Week!).  And if neither happen, then I suppose something better will come along. Must. Remain. Positive.

Definitely hasn’t sunk in that I actually live here now. I walked from Union Square to the Bowery tonight to get a sense of direction and it just didn’t feel like it was mine yet.  But it’ll happen, I’ll let you know when it does.


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