To Phoenix: A Love Letter

In west on 10/18/2011 at 12:49 am


Phoenix are the subject of a new documentary, From a Mess to the Masses, about their 2009-2010 tour in support of their breakout album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.  I can’t express how beautiful it is. There’s a masterful rendition of Girlfriend around the 16 min mark, and then there’s this amazing footage of Lasso, the footage switching between the 2009 ACL performance and their 2010 Coachella performance.  You see smoke in the sky at Coachella, I could see it too; I remember looking at the smoke, looking at the stage. That was my first time seeing Phoenix, and then again at the Hollywood Bowl in September 2010. At the end of the documentary, there’s a montage of performances all over the world, and they end with Thomas Mars running up into the crowd at the Bowl with this glow in the dark microphone cord, and in real life that night, I was to the far left of him, jumping up and down, because Phoenix had just finished playing and Thomas was right there, and that album resonated with me so very much from day one, and they had just put on the most awesome show. The documentary is amazing, your appreciation for their craft, and their companionship with one another, will surely deepen.


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