Forget the Fishsticks

In west on 05/25/2011 at 11:47 am

My little cousin Alyx graduated from high school last night. The valedictorian gave her speech and I immediately transported back to my own graduation, sitting in the blistering sun, probably the only person in my graduating class who was just so sad to have high school be over. I was that girl. The one who loved high school. But then I graduated and made a mess of my life that summer (Hawaii with 8 girls anyone?) and then moved far far away for four years.

And then you look back and think, what the hell happened to all those people? I coulda sworn I never thought I’d stop talking to the majority of ’em. I mean, shit, my “will” in the school paper was filled with inside jokes and pacts that – back then – were supposed to last forever.  Yeah, high school, what a trip.

I gave Alyx the biggest hug after the graduation, like, guhhh, you’re in for a surprise.


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