the little women

In west on 05/08/2011 at 7:33 pm

when my sister and i were little, my mom would wake us up in the morning before school and drag us sleepy-eyed to her bed. then we’d mumble what we wanted to breakfast, usually fruit loops with café con leche or toast with cinnamon and butter, and my mom would tuck us back in and head to the kitchen. a little later, we’d hear her coming down the hall, the rattling of the orange juice glass, the silver wear clanking. then she’d sit us up and serve us breakfast in bed on trays. this all sounds incredibly spoiled seeing as though she did it for years, but it was done out of love. our mom loved to be there for us, to cook individual breakfasts, to see her little girls in her big bed watching little house on the prairie before school.  this is the type of mom we have, the one girls dream of.  my sister and i will be this type of mommy one day because we learned from the best.

feliz día de la madre


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