current event

In east on 05/01/2011 at 9:05 pm

I’m in DC right now, ten minutes from The White House, listening to the President talk about the capturing and killing of bin Laden.

UPDATE: Went to the White House. Stood in the celebratory mob of people waving American flags and chanted “USA! USA!”


  1. n- this is crazy. i can’t believe you were there! did you feel a.) elated? b.) comforted c.) creeped out?

    people set off fireworks at the capital here. i felt a lot like c.

    • the entire thing was surreal. there were moments where the closer we got i got a bit uncomfortable. you could see secret service on the roof of the white house and there were people (MEN) in the crowd that were doing dumb stuff like climbing light poles but the overall feeling was joyous.

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