the Aesthetics of Allá / Hope as Innovation

In west on 04/12/2011 at 10:11 pm

TEDxUSC was awesome. A few noteworthy items. There are only a few TED events each year but in 2009, the first TEDx (x=independently organized TED event) was held at none other than USC. After the launch of TEDx, there have been over 1,583 TEDx events held all over the world, which nails the point home that people believe in ideas, and ideas are worth spreading.

Today’s schedule included: 17 speakers, 3 performances, 5 short films, and one outrageous closing.

Best thing I heard: Don’t wait to react — act.

Personal favorites:

So much of today was about community involvement and the betterment of not just our society, but of international societies. People can do such amazing things. One speaker said it best: innovation happens with hope.


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