Carol Brady turned to my table and said:

In west on 04/06/2011 at 11:36 pm

the best advice I can give you young women is to always keep a cool head, and always keep a warm heart. That will get you far.

The Alliance for Women in the Media celebrated its 54th Genii Awards tonight. The Genii’s honor “notable achievements of excellence by women in the broadcast and media industry” in Southern California. I was a scholarship recipient from this organization, along with five other young ladies. Some exceptional women were honored in the program, including Holly Robinson Peete, Brooke Burke, and some mega savvy female big wigs. And the lifetime achievement award went to Florence Henderson, aka Carol Brady from the Brady Bunch. It was very inspiring to listen to these women talk, to hear them hand down advice to the next generation of women, and to be so warm and receptive with each of us. I’m totally honored that I was awarded this scholarship.  The women who run AWM are those awesome women you see who are capable of doing everything and anything at the same time while doing it totally lovingly and with the best intentions.  Seriously impressed with the entire evening and all the special people I met. Wish some of you had shared it with me.

Women, man, women can change the world.


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