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Forgiveness doesn’t sit there like a pretty boy in a bar. Forgiveness is the old fat guy you have to haul up a hill.




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I suppose this is what I meant when I wrote what I did, sweet pea, about how it is we cannot possibly know what will manifest in our lives. We live and have experiences and leave people we love and get left by them. People we thought would be with us forever aren’t and people we didn’t know would come into our lives do. Our work here is to keep faith with that, to put it in a box and wait. To trust that someday we will know what it means, so that when the ordinary miraculous is revealed to us we will be there, standing before the baby girl in the pretty dress, grateful for the smallest things.

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The more we remember, the better we are at processing the world. And the better we are at processing the world, the more we can remember about it.

joshua foer, moonwalking with einstein: the art & science of remembering 



and then, just like that

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i’m going to vietnam over the holidays


here’s to mastering recipes for the ones i love

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To be a good cook you have to have a love of the good, a love of hard work, and a love of creating.

words from the wise Julia Child



saturdays, and every day

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Be about ten times more magnanimous than you believe yourself capable of. Your life will be a hundred times better for it.





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Writing is hard…Coal mining is harder. Do you think miners stand around all day talking about how hard it is to mine for coal? They do not. They simply dig.



on Being A Warrior

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You will learn a lot about yourself if you stretch in the direction of goodness, of bigness, of kindness, of forgiveness, of emotional bravery. Be a warrior for love.

The story of human intimacy is one of constantly allowing ourselves to see those we love most deeply in a new, more fractured light. Look hard. Risk that.

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Monday in Florida

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I made orange juice from concentrate and showed her the trick of squeezing the juice of one real orange into it. It removes the taste of being frozen. She marveled at this, and I laughed and said, Life is easy. What I meant was, Life is easy with you here, and when you leave, it will be hard again.

miranda july



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A single person is missing for you, and the whole world is empty.