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Shedding the long winter wear off day by day. Feels good, sun.


Universal Forces

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Humanity is an ocean, each person a bubble, appearing, disappearing, and reappearing on its turn


With suddenness, under an immemorial canopy of shifting clouds, two bodies fuse their heat to create love’s birth.

etel adnan



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ARTIST: sharon hayes

You can’t be the kid standing at the top of the water slide, overthinking it. You have to go down the chute.

Tina Fey


muses on humanity

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ARTIST: synchrodogs

You know, you can steal your heart against any kind of trouble, any kind of horror. But the simple act of kindness from a complete stranger will unstitch you.

Chris Abani



March Forward

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ARTIST: hannah lee scott

Be funny, laugh a lot – even at yourself.



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ARTIST: unknown


positively present

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ARTIST: unknown

8. Celebrate just about anything, often 
I love vibrant people who are always celebrating even the smallest of events, accomplishments and more. One might even suggest that celebrating failures and disappointments could be useful, too (they are life lessons, after all).

Notes on living here.


polar vortex

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cathartic method

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ARTIST: alana dee haynes

And I find this a very honest statement, about how you feel when you feel totally isolated and totally alone. And what’s really amazing and lovely in this, is Louise is having a conversation with herself. There’s two people here. There’s a very strong person that can deal with the emptiness and then there’s this other person that’s questioning it.

Louise did say to me “Do you have plenty of time?” But I think it’s about how I use it and how dedicated I am towards that time and how seriously I take it. We’ve only got one life, we’ve only got one thing.

Tracey Emin on Louise Bourgeois


The Year of the Horse

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This New Year will be a full year of total happiness.

2014, I’m with you.