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In south on 02/03/2014 at 12:54 pm

audrey hepburn by bob willoughby


She walked towards me with a fire I myself had never known — a fire men don’t just put out unless she wants them to.

Let me tell you something: there is nothing more irresistible than the anticipation of something beautiful.

christopher poindexter

Happy to join you from the south.

Tonight, I start my yoga certification.



In west on 02/02/2014 at 10:10 am


Sam & I stumbled up an amazing photography exhibit in Chelsea Market yesterday showcasing the unique cuisine of Alabama. Really stunning large-scale prints of perfectly plated meals. We moseyed through the city, running into friends at various corners. The city can be so small sometimes.

Earlier this week, Natalie asked if I would read in her wedding. Natalie & I bonded over stories when we first met nearly ten years ago — she’s a voracious reader with an incredible affection for literature. She reads the way I read: fast & lovingly.

Tonight: the Art of Braising at BK Kitchen. This week: 8-week yoga series starts, book club, and Empanada Making class.